QEN Solutions offers consulting services focusing on Supply Chain, Logistics, and Performance Improvement. The key areas where our consulting team is very much specialized in are as following.

Detail of each service is provided below.



The importance of “Supply Chain” concept that links across inter/intra enterprise cannot be overstated. Do your system and people still run business like in uncompetitive, old era? Do you let the weakest link deteriorates the whole chain?

QEN Solutions’s associates can provide you Supply Chain Assessment, Solutions Design, and even Business Development Facilitation, to keep your firm ready for the market and rivals e.g.

  • Transportation management
  • Transportation system design
  • Distribution and transportation network optimization
  • Warehouse design and construction
  • Warehouse management system implementation
  • Inventory management



Today, logistics problems get much more complex. To stay competitive in fierce market, you need to tackle the obstacles with the systematic, sustainable solutions. Feasibility study of high investment, Warehouse activities restructuring, Transportation cost reduction, Advance technology implementation in distribution system are examples of services that QEN Solutions can provide to you.



Outsourcing has become critically important to many organizations due to the strategic implications, but many organizations have not achieved the desired benefits from outsourcing. Typical problems associated with outsourcing include no formal outsourcing process, and limited cost analysis.

Many companies have no firm basis for evaluating the outsourcing decision, or failed to integrate it into their overall corporate strategy. For the cost analysis, in many cases it tends to focus primarily on manufacturing costs and does not provide a true reflection of the total costs involved. Also, other more qualitative factors, such as the long-term strategic implications and the workforce reaction to outsourcing for the organization, may have a greater impact on the decision.

QEN Solutions can walk through the strategic view of your outsourcing decisions –does not fall on short-term factors such as cost reduction and capacity constraints- and identify core activities against the capabilities of potential external providers. We can help you measure all the actual and potential costs involved in outsourcing the activity – not just the purchase price. All of these come to the sound decision whether you should outsource, and in what functions.



If outsourcing is your firm decision, it is crucial to manage the torch passing from your organization to the outsourcee(s). QEN Solutions can help you in the following areas; Tender the package, Choose a right partner, Draw up the contract, and Test the contract.

The tender is an objective document detailing the services, activities, and targets required as well as a selling document designed to attract agencies that can add to the organization’s capability. Sometimes shortlist screening is required beforehand. The request for information is a questionnaire-type eligibility test intended to establish the level of the agency’s competence and interest.

Choosing an outsourcing partner is much more than choosing a new supplier, due to its critical deliverables to customers and your organization. The criteria for selection should include the broad view and detail view of all factors, so the final one is unanimous and unquestionable. Then comes the process of drawing up the contract, which the importance cannot be overstated. Today the contract is not only a document in legal aspect, but rather a reference of scope of work, charging mechanism, service level agreement, etc. The contract should spell out these topics very well.

Testing the contract is to ensure that the contract will stand up to the rigorous and complexities of actual operation. Trial period is ideal for making adjustments before the contract becomes final and for judging the likelihood of the partnership breaking down.

QEN Solutions consultant team has accumulated professional experiences in sourcing management in various industries and in both roles (outsourcer – outsourcee), so you can trust us in preparing and executing such important tasks.




Companies are increasingly adopting Six Sigma in a bid to improve the quality of their processes and products, and thus achieve competitive advantage. It has been estimated that poor quality, resulting in defects and wastage, can account for 20-40% of sales revenue. Six Sigma offers a structured and disciplined method for reducing that figure significantly: in fact, in a perfect Six Sigma state, a company would reduce it to only 10%.

While many companies dismiss a zero defects state as unattainable, QEN Solutions can show you that Six Sigma offers the potential to get very close. Our Certified Black Belt engineer team is highly capable and has experiences in providing corporate staff training and advising the clients Six Sigma implementation step-by-step.



The primary purpose of performance measurement is to measure how well an organization or department is accomplishing its mission, goals, and objectives. Measuring performance is one of the key requisites in any continuous improvement program. The information gained from performance measures may be used to establish a program to benchmark against competitors, other organizations, or previous results.

QEN Solutions can help you establish not only the performance indicators, but “the whole system” of performance measurement, i.e. KPIs, its appropriate level (figures) customized for your business, and monitoring/controlling mechanism for each of the critical activities selected for measurement. The criteria of good indicators such as realistic, understandable, economical, legitimate, measurable, will be concerned, as well as the proven techniques e.g. the Balanced Scorecard.